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Lena West from Influence Expansion takes us through how boost SEO and traffics with visual content on social media channels.

Wordless Wednesdays

It could be any day of the week, but the idea is to consistently post visual memes that don’t contain words. The power of what Lena describes as ‘not forcing the content’ on the audience’ gives people talking point and can boost engagement on social media channels.

Start getting in on this by simply participating. Post an image on your social media channels and hashtag is with wordlesswednesday. Throwback Thursdays is another hashtag to get involved in. It doesn’t really matter what hashtag you choose though, what’s important is that you’re consistent with posting e.g. if you have ‘Wordless Wednesday’ make sure you do it every Wednesday.



Though infographics have become less popular in the social space lately due to overuse and prevalence of low quality infographics, Lena still believes these can get some traction when done right. Here are some possible ways to get involved:

1. Use someone else’s – simply do a google image search for your/your client’s industry + infographic e.g. ‘wellness infographic’ to find these and repost. The great thing is, infographics usually have the attribution built in, so you don’t have to worry about stealing anyone’s stuff.

2. Design your own – start asking your client some questions to see if they have any existing data/survey results that you could use as the basis for an infographic and then simply use an online tool to create it.

Tools:, ,

Quote Graphics

These are the graphics that often appear on Pinterest and Facebook and have an attractive image with a quote in stylized writing on top. Lena gives us some suggestions on how to use these:

1. If you’re a large company, use these as a way to humanize your brand and add some emotion to your image.

2. Smaller companies can use them as well in building trust and likeability.

3. Always include your url in on the bottom so people know where it’s from.