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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains that quality content with a long-term branding strategy is key. He gives the following tips:

  • Use different mediums; video (e.g. Whiteboard Friday), comics, conversations (Q&A, forums, blog comments), comics, graphics, graphs/charts (you don’t necessarily need to produce the data yourself, you could re-publish someone else’s) and interactive tools
  • What do you have unique knowledge of or access to? Funds, networks, information, data? Leverage this to create unique value and it will be hard for others to compete with.
  • Focus on the bigger picture and long term branding to grow rather than cheap short term sells. Do this by engaging people at the top of the ‘marketing funnel’ with non-commercial content.
  • Create or broadcast to a community (your own or someone else’s) to magnify results, i.e. becoming a regular guest blogger on someone else’s website.
  • Invest in the areas your competitors are not – you will have little competition

It’s all about taking the extra step others would not, to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.