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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand looks at what duplicate content really is. He makes these points:

  • Content refers to the unique material on a page excluding navigation, ads, footers, sidebars, etc.

  • Uniqueness applies to both internal and external sources – copying either can be trouble. Google tends to ignore internal duplication if it’s small, they understand that you might have a print version and a mobile version and canonicalise that.

  • Unique content alone is not enough, pages also need to provide unique value. For example, you can take a video that’s been posted elsewhere and put it on your page, and it won’t be counted as duplicate if you have used it a different way.

  • There is no specific percentage of duplicative content that is okay or not okay. Engines use a vast array of inputs to determine what to filter out versus show. Try to contribute unique value rather than trying to trick the engine.

  • Duplicate and low-value content can hurt more than just the pages it exists on due to Google Panda. Keep an eye out, as it can injure the entire site.