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Matt takes over the Whiteboard this week, with some quick and dirty link building strategies.

  • Give out awards to your competitors.

  • Flatter someone.

  • Make a top 10 list of funny photos or massive pets, then submit it to Stumbleupon, Netscape or Digg.

  • Write a mediocre article and Netscape and have a 4 or 5 friends vote it up.

  • Pick some blogger oriented thing (eg. marketing tactics), then throw some funny, nonsensical stuff after it (eg. like mating patterns).

  • Spamming on the square – build links through social networking sites.

  • Search for your target phrase and “create profile”, “add URL”, then drop your link in.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – You can set up tasks and pay people to get the grunt work done for you, eg. Generate links.