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You know that feeling when you search your keywords, and the listings above you are spammers? Here’s a few of Rand’s tips to remedy that sinking feeling.

Step 1

Confirm that spammy links are responsible.

Step 2

Ask two critical questions:

  • Is focusing on someone else’s spam the best use of my time?

  • Am I willing to, and does my site have the risk tolerance, to acquire spammy links?

Step 3

Report spam.  However, don’t believe that this will help you solve your ranking problems. If it does, it won’t be for a very long time. It will mostly just help Google in reducing spam.

Step 4

Out manoeuvre the spammers using their own tactics in an inbound way. Look at anchor text, type, target etc.

Step 5

Beat them by targeting tactics, channels and keywords they can’t touch.