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Today, Danny shows that SEO can now go beyond words, with some strategies to help get your images indexed.

Image factors

  • Alt text – this is the text that is displayed when the image can’t be. The search engines use this to understand what the image represents. Try to keep it below 140 characters.

  • Filename – this works from the same principles as the alt text. It is also the information given directly to the search engines to identify what the information is about. This is probably a rougher signal than alt text.

  • Surrounding text – the text around the image helps describe it.

  • Inbound links – this is mostly regarding the links going to the page the image is embedded on, though it can also mean links to the image itself.

  • Human categorisation – Google used a game called “Labler” to train the engine to understand general shapes and ideas from images.

Potential theoretical factors

  • Optical Character Recognition – this scans an image and recognises letters and numbers.

  • Colour analysis – it’s easy to figure out what the general colour of an image is.

  • File size/type – bigger images are less likely to be indexed. You don’t need to worry too much about the type provided you’re not using something really obscure.

  • Other images on page – if there is an overwhelming amount of images on the page, it can be difficult to get the page indexed. It can also be user un-friendly, as it may take too long to load.