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In Whiteboard Friday this week, Rand explains what to do with that list of pretty keywords once you have it.


  • Brainstorm as many keywords as you can think of.

  • Research – Use Google Adwords, Word tracker and other programs to figure out the keyword popularity.

Now how do you implement the research?


Order work by:

  • Hierarchy of the website – Beginning from the homepage, what keywords do you want to target? The targets will change as you delve deeper into the levels of the website.

  • Then you order by keyword demand.

Assigning tasks

  • On-page changes – usually the job of the writers and editors.

  • Site architecture and linking – work of the developers.

  • Special cases – for example, you might have one page really far down in the architecture that’s targeting an important keyword. To be competitive in the SERPs with this page, you may need some viral content, links etc. These cases can be assigned to whoevers position is most relevant.