Video Details

Content Structure and Formatting

  • Easy to consume.

  • Universally accessible – including on mobile phones.

  • In English, or have an English version – most big sharers and influencers will be more likely to share.

  • Single page versus Multipage – have both options. Single page is easier for people to share.

  • Minimal advertising.

Topically Relevant and Timely

  • Ensure information is relevant to what you do, though not necessarily to what your business sells. Find areas of overlap with what your audience buys from you and relevant issues.

  • Also that it is relevant to current events.

  • To try and figure out what is “Hot” right now – Bitly news, Reddit, NY Times Most Read.

  • Find something new about or rephrase the “Hot” item.

Play to Sharing and Social Psychologies

  • The title matters the most.

  • Using (Pic), (Img), or (Chart) indicates easy and quick consumption.

  • Timing – post when your audience is online to reach the most amount of people.

  • People “like” things they agree with, and “share” what will make them look good.

  • Playing to ego is critical in the social space.