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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand interviews Eric, Rajesh and Alessandro from Bing on the new upstart’s developments.

What do you need to do different SEO wise for Bing?

Bing has published a paper explaining SEO for the engine, so check that out for specifics. You can go through the toolbar to check links and more. The toolbar will also help with web marketing across the board, not just for Bing.

Always submit updated XML sitemaps, it will always help the engines understand you site better. If it’s not in the root folder, Bing won’t be able to find it unless you specify in Webmaster tools.

A couple of the metrics Bing will provide are:

  • Domain Rank – How Bing sees your domain in relation to the rest of the index.

  • Page Rank – how important the content on your site appears to Bing.

Link information

Links will always be a big part of how Bing understands the web. As the web evolves however, this may change with the addition of more variables, though the information will always be available through Webmaster tools. Links will also always play some role in rankings.

Bing’s IIS SEO Toolkit

The idea is to help you create your own private crawling and view of the site, as the crawler of the search engine will see it. This allows an unprecedented level of optimisation as previously, we have been unable to imitate the spiders.

At the moment, the Toolkit is in its first phase, which contains static analysis. This is for the information on the site. You can run this on in-production sites before they are launched. It also helps to catch all the little violations, like duplicate content and 404’s, to help you fix them. The Toolkit also builds site maps where you can choose what to include and what to not include.