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In this lengthy interview, Rand and Danny discuss anything and everything. Here are a couple of gems from Rand’s favourite technology reporter.

  • Google’s Penguin update didn’t really affect SEO’s that much.

  • Google+ is a great second place to Facebook, but it’s not about to take over market share.

  • A lot of people who thought they were hit by negative SEO after the Penguin update weren’t. Either way, complaining about it won’t get you back into Google.

  • Originally, Google hated the idea of paid inclusion. Now, they’re learning the reasons why everyone else believed that payment has a role. It also brings into question what else will be paid inclusion in the future.

  • For something to beat Google, it’s not a question of how. For Google to be beaten, they would have to do something bad first. Same goes for Facebook.

  • Don’t bother sitting around trying to guess what Google’s next move will be, because you can’t do more than guess.