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Getting deep sites indexed

It is key to get the important content as close to the homepage as possible, and if there’s lots of content, provide links between the content. Also use an XML sitemap, because they help GoogleBot find URL’s and crawlability.

Handling multiple sitemaps

You will get the same information from Google whether you submit an indexed site map or individual site maps. However, submitting both is redundant.

How to influence crawl frequency and schedule

If possible, make room in your budget for bandwidth for GoogleBot, as this will also improve the site experience for your users. If that’s not possible, in Google WebMaster set the crawl rate to slower, though the time range in which it will be crawled can’t be manipulated.

Whether or not to worry about spammy inlinks

This is a common practice, and they are usually of such low quality that they don’t look paid for. There is no need to worry about these spammy inlinks.

Duplicate content from scraper sites

If your site is scraped and content is duplicated, the scraper site is usually of low quality and you don’t need to worry. If you have a problem, write about it in the WebMaster forums.

Advice for the SEOMoz community

Focus on the basics, with good content and title tags. Don’t get caught up in the minor details.