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Taking a Chance in Non-measurable Marketing Efforts

Rand tells us why it is also important to invest, not just in the measurable efforts but also in the non-measurable marketing efforts.

In the realm of hyper-measurable Inbound Marketing investments in Serendipitous Marketing good idea but is a tough sell simply because it is not measurable. Do imagine the returns of such investments if they become outsized serendipitous returns. 

For example, at an event not related to your brand, company or product, you may meet a person interested in your brand, company or product which earns it a mention at the event and said mention in the same event results in clients who turn out to be big client generators themselves. What are the chances of this happening? Consider as well a blog post, visual asset, or other content that you spend a lot of time on, top notch content that initially does not equate to value because of the extensive time and effort spent but this content later on becomes a driving force for more traffic because of others picking it up. 

Notable Things About Serendipitous Marketing

  • Predicting and attributing Serendipitous Marketing to ROI is IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Appear foolish on the surface to make the investment in Serendipitous Marketing.
  • BUT, sometimes Serendipitous Marketing can have outsized serendipitous returns.

Tactics involve finding the sweet spot or the intersection of passion, empathy and skill.

Guide to Serendipitous Marketing

  • Set the bar of investment at 20%
  • Have brainstorm sessions but get a designated driver to spearhead the efforts.
  • Implement “zero penalty for failure”
  • Learn by intuition from experience. 

Important Note: Have it all directed and not in random attacks, target less performing aspects.