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Keyword Targeting, Density, and Cannibalization in Light of Google’s Hummingbird

Rand keeps us up to date on the best practices you can do for keyword targeting, density, and cannibalization in light of Google’s Hummingbird.

New Rules

Keyword and Density Targeting

  • Repetition is a bygone practice (once or twice is OK)
  • KW density is also old school and is no longer relevant and does not work (forget it)
  • KW in the Title is standard practice but a clickable title outweighs your ordinary KW targeted or SEO formula title
  • KW on the page particularly on the headline (prevents pogo sticking); you should also prioritize user experience rather than the SEO formula; it is also a good idea to mention terms that offer KW connectivity
  • Have unique value content that is only found on your page


  • On-page KW targeting for unique KW’s is still a good idea
  • Good as well to apply multi-page KW targeting by breaking them up for many pages
  • Appropriate linking with appropriate and relevant text
  • Consider retiring older content that is repetitive; 301, rel=cannonical or remove the old content with something new