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Will Critchlow takes this Whiteboard Friday to help us find balance in our keyword strategies.

#1: The Attribution Issue

Use analytics to figure out where you get the most traffic and conversions from. If it’s all branded keywords, what’s probably happened is someone has searched an unbranded keyword and found your site. They have remembered the name, left, and come back by typing a branded keyword into the search engine.

The solutions are to add full path analysis to your analytics, or compare the first vs last touch.

#2: Ask “Which matters more”

Once you have the analytics above, you can use them to make predictions about whether you should go after single terms or many small keywords to bring people into the site.

Take into account the conversion rate as well as future opportunity. Looking at these variables, consider what the investment is. For head terms, this will involve development resources or heavy marketing, whereas tail terms will be more user generated content. What you decide to do will also depend on what your business is good at.