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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand looks at Slide Decks. Slide Decks are one of the most underused types of content on the web. They’re easy for anyone to see, and to screen capture and attribute sources. They also have a common format that readers can download and share.


  • Upload to Slideshare/Scribed.

  • Give the presentation publicly, and use a shortened URL to let people know where they can find the slides. From there, the audience can share the content.

  • Use and re-use the slides on your website/blog through embed. Invite others to use as they want with attribution. This is a great way to get links.

  • Watch your links and see what performs the best.

Slide tips

  • Link to the content.

  • Let your slides do the storytelling.

  • If the slide requires extra explanation, write it at the bottom. However, when presenting publicly, use the clean version without the explanation.

  • Put the download URL on the first and last slide.