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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Nathan Buggia joins Rand to discuss all the new and exciting happening over at Live.

New Tools

Live’s new tools for Webmaster Center are now out of Beta. They are in line with Live’s goal of:

  • More actionable data

  • Transparency

One of the new tools is Page Score. This is loosely associated with PageRank. In Microsoft, PageRank is called Static Rank, which is the base value that is given to every page in the index. It is calculated using many variables, one of the major ones being the link graph. In Page Score, the more green boxes you have, the better the page is.

Another area Live is looking at is providing abstract competitive data without infringing on the privacy of companies.


There are two ways Webmaster Centre is trying to provide support.

  • Online community

  • If the question isn’t answered in 72 hours, email Nathan


In Rand’s opinion, Live’s search results have improved dramatically. They have gotten a lot of feedback from the forums which has helped improvement. One new method for Live is looking at sitemaps. If it contains a canonical version of your URL, and is a complete list of the best URL’s of your site, Live will analyse how your site is structured for better crawling.

Black hat tactics

Live has no problem with black hat tactics being published on the Web. If they didn’t want it out there, they would pull it off. What they don’t want is for companies, especially big ones, to start using them as viable marketing tactics. However, if they’re presented next to white hat tactics, the company may not understand the line between white and black. For example, the search engines will never recommend cloaking. However, there are cases where cloaking is used in a white-hat way.