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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, David Mihm comes in to chat with Rand about getting your website included in the local listing.

Data sources for listing

  • Google Local Business Centre. This is the first place to go and verify your information with Google. It’s likely that Google will already have your information from some of the other sources. However, you must have a Google account to be listed.

  • Trusted data providers are used by Google to get information about local businesses, as only a very small percentage use the Google Local Business Centres. If you see problems in your information through Google Local search, it’s probably due to an error with one of the data providers, so find the source and fix it there.

  • Web crawl can have some overlap with the trusted data providers.

After data collection

The data enters the aggregation system, where they condense the information and match it. The matching data will be displayed as a listing. If the business is verified with the Google Local Business Centre, that will be given more weight than the other factors.