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Today, Rand takes a look at local search, and what you can do to get your page higher in the local listings.

  • Register with major engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo!

  • Claim listings on major local portals – Yelp, Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor and Yellow pages.

  • Get listed on key local sites – Newspapers, TV station sites and regional portals.

Note: for these first three to be successful, consistency is key! Use exactly the same name, address format etc. everywhere.

  • Do competitive research on listing sources of high ranking sites for your keywords – Search for other businesses, and find where they are listed. Try searching the following: to find where SEOMoz is listed, type SEOMoz “119 Pine Street” -site: This will turn up where you should have the business listed to help local SEO.

  • Review your reviews – Find out the negatives and positives from your customers, and tell your staff. If someone left a negative review because they didn’t get a receipt, ask staff to give out receipts.

  • Audit your site’s usability, accessibility and content – Make it easy for customers to use and view your website.