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Mobile Apps are growing in importance as some retailers have even started to get higher conversions on mobile apps and sites over their traditional desktop sites. This means measuring the success of a mobile app is as important as monitoring the results on your desktop website.


Acquisition is how you get users to interact with your app. Pay attention to the following:

  • The sources that your app downloads are coming from to see which channels bring you the most high quality users.
  • New users vs. active users. This relates to engagement metrics and is indicative of the success of your app, in that you can see whether people like it and are using it more than once.
  • Demographics – looking at the demographics of users, particularly location as apps are on mobile devices.
  • Channels – how people users end up on your page in the play store i.e. email campaigns, search, paid advertising etc. 


Adam Singer believes engagement rates are the most important metric to look at when measuring the success of a mobile app. If users are downloading the app but fail to engage with it afterwards, it is a strong signal that the app is not satisfying the user’s intent. Look at the following engagement metrics:

  • Engagement flow – shows how people move through your app
  • App screens – similar to page views for traditional websites, however, this metric for mobile should be perceived differently. A lot of pageviews may be indicate that your users are finding it difficult to get what they are after on your app and thus, have to look through multiple pages until they find it.
  • Loyalty and retention – see how frequently users are launching your app as an indication its quality.
  • App crashes – how often your app crashes.


Outcome metrics show the financial or business impacts of App usage by customers. Below are 4 important Outcome metrics:

  • App sales – people buying your app
  • App monetization – Ads can be a great way to monetize apps but be cautious that your ads don’t interfere with UX too much.
  • In Dash App purchases – Having users make purchases within your app as a source of monetization.
  • Goal Conversions – decide on a what is considered a conversion even if it’s not a financial goal. This will be the business incentive of having the app and is essential to measuring success.