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As we know, the value of a link is dependent on a variety of factors. This week, Cyrus looks at maximising the value of your links on all sorts of pages, including the old ones.

The problem

Links from old pages don’t seem to provide the boost that links from new pages do. While old links do still pass value, you want the most out of that link possible.

Links from Old Pages

  • An old page is one that has previously been crawled and indexed.

  • Stale content – it hasn’t been updated recently.

  • Old links/not new – the links are from months or years ago.

Hints from Google – what they are looking at

  • “Fresh factors”.

  • Google ignores minor edits.

  • How much has changed on the document?

  • How many parts of the document have changed?


  • Update the content – on your site, as well as asking the webmaster of the old site to update theirs.

  • Build new links to the page you have the link from.

  • Social Signals – Tweet the page, share it, do whatever you can to make it look fresher.

  • All of the above – do whatever you can to increase the freshness of that link.