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If you have a tight budget for your SEO work, Danny has some tips for you this week.

Define Goals

  • Find your highest ROI customers, particularly for established websites. Figure out what you can do to target these high ROI customers.

  • Identify your budget. Who will you be able to hire? How are you going to do your web development? The more you know, the better you can prepare.

  • Develop your content strategy. Content is key for SEO to rank you higher in Google’s index.

Calculate impact vs effort

  • Identify low-hanging fruit. Using Open Site Explorer will help you find the 404’s and 302 redirects.

  • Meet with stakeholders to figure out the companies priorities.

Document repeatable processes

  • Write down every step. You can look back to see where you may have skipped a step. This will also help with scalability, so as that more people can perform the task.