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In this Whiteboard Friday, Tom works from the assumption that you have great content that’s targeted to your niche.

Efficient contact gathering

  • Top 10 keyword blogs

  • Look at blogrolls to find out who other bloggers subscribe to

  • FollowerWonk to find Twitter followers and influential accounts

  • Categorise contacts so you can group outreach effectively

Enthusiastic over uniqueness

  • People control links, not websites

  • What’s your Unique Selling Point?

Cultivate leads

  • Get feedback from your outreach, even if they are not keen to link to you this time

  • Where do they blog?

  • Do they have friends?


  • Follow Twitter and RSS feeds

  • Watch forums

  • to find the news for your niche

One last tip from Tom: Manage your own and the clients expectations. Outreach can be heartbreaking, but don’t give up!