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Aim for quality over quantity with content, this is what is valuable in the long run. One really good article can sky rocket you in terms of links and ratings. Therefore, it’s important if writers are going to be outsourced, measures are taken to ensure the quality of work. Rand suggests the following:

  • Consider what you want to gain from the content. Traffic? Engagement? Sales?

  • Consider where you can find resources. Looking offshore broadens your pool of candidates, but also look locally; even within your company if it’s larger. If you’re part of a bigger business, consider those outside of your department as well as in. Craigslist, oDesk and eLance are web resources to find writers. Blogs and writing communities are also great places to look. You can see some of the writers work before employing them.

  • Send over specifications, get the writer to send back a few paragraphs and review before the writer continues to finish the article. This saves time by making sure you’re both on the same page.

  • Once you have found a writer, evaluate, scale and track the work being done to ensure it’s consistent, high quality and conducive to the desired outcome.