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Your contract

This can be during the negotiation phase, but also later into the contract if someone at your client’s company interprets it differently to who originally agreed to it.

To your recommendation

Client’s may not always think these are as great and the SEO does and also have to consider broader business needs more when asking themselves whether the SEOs recommendation can actually be implemented or not. 

To your business model

Different agencies have different approaches of how to best service clients which can be a common source of client objection.

To your process

Sometimes the client may doubt your process, they may have an idea of how a certain tactic should be executed for example. This sometimes calls for defence and explanation of your process.

To your staff

Sometimes clients will object to the staff assigned to their account.

Solutions Checklist

Understand the objection

A client may come to you demanding a certain thing that’s not always doable. If you understand why they want what they want, it’s easier to think of alternatives and creative solutions rather than saying an outright ‘no’ to what they are requesting. This works both ways as well. Make sure when you as the SEO object to doing something, they understand why you won’t. A simple solution to a contract objection can be to use the client’s contract. This is not suitable in every situation, but when it is, it can show you are happy to out of your way to satisfy your client’s needs.

 Put yourself in the client’s shoes

When a client objects, try to be empathetic in putting yourself in their shoes to better understand the objection. Remember sometimes objections may be emotionally tied to the individuals you’re working with. People’s jobs are very personal things and sometimes objections are the root of internal politics or personal pride.

Do unto others

The sales process never ends, don’t forget to continually reinforce your unique value and explain your business model. 


This can be vital in fostering trust in the client that you have their best interests at heart, and also displays you have an understanding of their business.

 Don’t compromise when you shouldn’t

When it comes to matters of mutual respect, don’t compromise to pander to a client. Values are the foundation of a positive working relationship with a client. Back your team.

These solutions are interchangeable and can apply to almost all objections. Consider these points before reacting to a client objection.