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This week, Rand looks at how you can use PageRank effectively.

Which pages are earning link juice?

Once you can answer this question, you can structure your site to better flow the link juice.

What section have/need links?

Then, you can link to those pages that have lots of links to those that are struggling. For example, if your products page is suffering but you blog is going great, link to your products from your blog.

Which pages aren’t earning SEO Traffic?

To find this, look at metrics like PageRank and mozRank, as well as the amount of links pointing to the page. Is there are reason the page isn’t getting the traffic you’d like it to?

Which pages should I get Links from?

When link building, you want links from the pages as few clicks away from the home page as possible. You can also look at the PageRank of the page you are being offered a link from.