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Brian Rauschenbach presents his first Whiteboard Friday this week, looking at ad copy testing.

  • A/B Testing – Usually, you set up one ad against your champion ad. This helps you get data faster and report on the winning ad.

  • Localisation – Set up geo ad groups, so that you can target your big local regions where you will get the most conversions.

  • {Keyword: Inset} and title casing – using both of these is common and best practice.

  • Strong call to action – Tell the consumer what you want them to do eg. Join free!

  • Short vs Long ad copy – Though Google gives you 35 characters for the description text, try shortening it. You can then test this against your champion ad.

  • Display URLs – Test the www against non-www. However, this seems to vary from site to site regarding which is more successful.

  • One-two step ads – Especially for ads in the side bar, test an ad that has a step 1 and a step 2. As the lines are shorter in the side bars, the steps will show up one under the other.

One question asked frequently is how much data is enough? If you have 1% click through rate, and you can get 20,000 to 30,000 impressions, around 30,000 impression mark is enough. This allows you to make an informed decision. However, it works best if it is a true A/B test, not one with 5 ad copies.

Another thing to check is that you begin testing the ad copies at the same time. You need a true start where there isn’t any layover data in the test.