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The infamous Dave Naylor sits down with Rand for a chat this week, parting with a couple of gems of his extensive knowledge.

Google’s PageRank update

This update doesn’t really mean much, as if everyone’s PageRank goes down, nothing really changes in the rankings.

Value of Techmeme

Techmeme rewards people blogging about what the rest of the industry is blogging about. In this way, it is useless. However, it can be useful to find out tech world news before other people.

Google Webmaster Central Rank Tracking

This could have 3 major impacts for Google

  • Help eliminate people who scrape

  • Webmaster’s will be addicted to the product

  • Saves Google bandwidth on people who use other programs to track rankings

What signals does and doesn’t Google use?

At the moment, Google still relies heavily on link based algorithm. Now they have to start getting away from that. Look at Analytics, which will possibly used more as a signal in the future, and Adsense. If you lose your Adsense account, you will in time lose your Web account. Click through ratios have been used in the past, but are not necessarily used consistently now.

Should off-topic Linkbait count?

The uplift of traffic should be an indicator that something positive is happening on the site. Whether that uplift is due to something relevant to the site or irrelevant is another question. Looking at a link graph for temporal analysis, Dave believes that unnatural spikes in link acquisition should be discounted, and a mean average taken to assess rankings.