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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Bing’s Duane Forrester joins Rand to talk about the new Bing Webmaster Tools.

My Sites page

To see the My Sites page, you must have more than 1 site registered and verified. If you only have 1, you’ll go straight to the dashboard. From here, you will see amount of clicks from Bing search, number of times you appeared in search, pages crawled, crawl errors and pages indexed.

This is all customisable. There are also trend lines for each data set, with the variance over 3 months.

Page Traffic

Under the Reports & Data tab, you will find Page Traffic. Here, you will find the pages from your site that get the most traffic, and their search ranking factors. You will also find the keywords from the page with their relevant statistics.

Index Explorer

Similar to a filing cabinet, Index Explorer shows you how Bing understands your site inside their index. It is possible to set filters for faster navigation.

Search Keywords

Find the cost of your keywords from adCenter, and whether the traffic you get from the keyword is worth it for you. Keep in mind all this data will be organic.

Social Integration and SERPs

This is a possibility in the future, where you will be able to get the social trends and data through Webmaster Tools. Also, the results that stack on the page are organic. Annotated pages or video inlays will always be at the top.

SEO Reports

This will show suggestions relevant to SEO, such as missing titles. You will also get the reports to show you the problems on the page. These suggestions are all rated low to high severity.

Markup validator

Provided you have used one of the semantic languages to mark up your page, you can put in the URL and this tool will show you the page code with the markup installed. If it’s installed incorrectly, it will show an error message. Begin adopting rich meta language for better use of this tool.

Fetch as Bing Bot

This tool will bring back a page code in real time, and show you the code Bing is seeing. This is helpful if your site has been cracked.

Keyword Research

You can stack keyword queries in 1 per line, and it will give you the results side by side. This will give you organic data, and does not pull from adCenter. You will see how many times it appeared in search and a trend line.

Link Explorer

Here, you can type in any URL and see the links pointed at it. This can be useful for developing competitive intelligence. There are also a variety of filters you can use to dig deeper into this data.