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Ron Garrett from Distilled goes over the things to consider and implement so your business succeeds going forward in the ever-changing industry SEO is.

  • Talk to sales department/people, consultants, clients and other companies. A great part of working within the SEO industry is there is a culture of ‘reaching out’. Networking can be one of your best assets for keeping you informed of the changes within your industry.
  • Follow what’s going on in the industry by looking at events (hosting and attending), emerging technology, talent and trends
  • Continue to tinker and test ideas. SEO’s a very new industry so sometimes only by trying something new you can discover whether it’s viable. Distilled’s values  – “Discover, implement, learn” foster this idea.


Specialist or Comprehensive?

Choosing one or the other doesn’t mean you can’t take on all types of clients, it just is important to establish your value proposition. To make this call, consider the following elements which come into play:

  • Risk vs. Reward – try forecast this
  • Re-evaluate the pros and cons of your current strategy
  • Balance long term aspirations with more short term pragmatic goals
  • Company mission, vision and values
  • Client mix (Project vs. retained)
  • Company and employee strengths and weaknesses – especially if employee base has grown and these may have changed
  • Tolerance for risk
  • What is currently bringing in money
  • Future aspirations
  • Cash position and access to capital