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Tom Critchlow has the basics of what you should know before you walk into the PPC woods on Whiteboard Friday today.

  • Goals – Everything must be trackable; that’s the basic rule of PPC. Set a cost/conversion before running the campaign, and know how much the goal and conversion are worth to you.

  • Geo-location – You need to know where you’re targeting – check you’ve selected the correct region and language.

  • Separate content and search network campaigns – This will help your tracking if they are separated from the start.

  • Keyword research – The more key phrases, the better. Use sensible match types.

  • Auto-generate key phrases – For example, you want the phrase ‘car hire’, which is similar to ‘car rental’. You also want all the locations, such as ‘London’ and ‘Leeds’. Put these all into a spreadsheet and auto-generate all the phrases.

  • Thematically group keywords – Take all the keywords you want to make the same ad for and group them together.

  • Approximate bids from adwords traffic estimator – Most importantly, think about your business. Is the value of the keyword worth it for your product or services?

  • Write multiple adverts – This is the power of PPC. It’s easy to split test, and try to make them as different as possible initially. This will help you figure out which type performs best.

  • Have sensible landing pages.

  • Negative keywords – Which keywords are relevant to your topic, but not your business?

Ongoing management

  • 80/20 rule – Generally, 80% of business will come from 20% of your keywords. Focus on the 20%.

  • Always review your ads.

  • Look for new negative keywords and broad matching key phrases.

  • Review your bids and compare with cost/conversion.

  • Review your analytics. Check that the metrics are in line with the rest of your site.

  • Check quality score. If it’s low, maybe you’ve messed up somewhere.