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Duane Forrester joins Rand in this Whiteboard Friday to discuss all the new and exciting things that have been happening over at Bing.

Bing’s Ecosystem is bigger than Italy

  • Over 59 million users interact with Bing only

  • This ecosystem has a 4% higher spend rate

New features on Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Email alerts – it sends malware alerts currently, but this will expand in the future

  • Webmaster survey feedback – this will lead to new features soon

Still showing Keyword referral data for analysis tools

  • Google has stopped passing keyword data through the referral string for logged in users. Bing has not done this yet, and it’s not on their radar for the time being.

Say goodbye to Yahoo! Site Explorer

  • There is no definite date as yet

  • Bing Webmaster Tools will not be a complete replacement; you should use it in conjunction with

The early days of social in search (and SEO)

  • Bing is aiming for relevancy without the creepy

  • This is part of the move towards the Web being a collection of objects rather than a collection of links

Spam signals and the return of meta keywords

  • Meta keywords is just one of many things Bing might look at

  • If you go through and fill them in, great! If not, don’t worry too much. However, keep in mind that other internet services might pull data from the meta keywords.