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How does QDF work?

When a query is submitted to Google, sometimes recognises that the results for that query should be updated more frequently than for other queries. For example, breaking news stories. Google does this by:

  • Seeing an activity spike in blogs, news and queries around the topic

  • Adding QDF to the algorithm

  • “Fresh” content gets boosted

How do we use it for SEO?

  • Product “launches”, “news” and a new “brand”

  • Web content optimisation. For example, putting the name of the new product in a new domain

  • Press releases

  • Blogosphere “leaks”. Bloggers will feel like they are involved with a product and brand. Bloggers will then link back to the domain.

  • Leveraging other properties. For example, if you have created another domain, make sure they all are pushing the product at the launch.

  • PPC – having the top PPC result will also help.