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This week, special guest Michael King takes the Whiteboard to explain a method of link building using social media.

  1. Identify your audience

Use industry demographic data from comScore, QuantCast and Compete. Then use social listening tools like Social Mention and Amplicate. You’ll put in a keyword, and the program will tell you which people are talking about that keyword.

With this information, you can create core groups to segment your audience.

  1. Use FollowerWonk with scraper for Chrome

Use FollowerWonk to identify which keywords go with each group. Use scraper for Chrome by right clicking one of the names and it will give you all the people in Google Docs, so you can export them to Excel.

  1. Use to research prospects

This program allows you to put in usernames and see where they are on different places throughout social media.

  1. Create an industry specific persona for yourself

You want to present as an authoritative, believable industry persona. Post about the industry, and provide information and content.

  1. Make your message stand out

  • Email – Use short subjects, natural subjects, don’t use link requests in subjects, send it as a person and include a natural salutation. You want people to want to open the email.

  • Twitter – Converse with context, don’t spam, escalate quickly, continually participate and write relevant hashtags.

  1. Offer value

Send them things like funny/relevant YouTube videos or resources they may not have seen before.

  1. Dangle the carrot

If you have incentives, don’t give them away for nothing! Create a bit of hype with a competition, and create links for yourself with this hype.

  1. Maintain rapport

Once you have closed the link prospect, continue to stay in contact occasionally with content or the like. That way, you keep lines open for future link building and they may link back to you.