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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Jen gives some warnings about some mishaps that could befall you if you’re not careful!

Fear the agony of site-wide de-indexing

  • The robots.txt start disallowing all. The developer may have thought, after major rewriting of URL’s, that they should be disallowed because we don’t want them crawled anymore.

  • All pages are canonicalised to the home page. This will redirect all pages back to the home page.

  • The no index tag has been added to every page.

Don’t let your Content Management System kill your rankings

  • CMS can create duplicate content.

  • Theme and design issues. Some theme’s won’t allow title tags on the page!

  • Some CMS’s won’t allow 301’s.

Beware of gruesome backlinks

  • Look out for competitors and revengeful employees who could hijack your backlinks. The horror!