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Tanya Vaughan, Global SEO Manager at Hewlett-Packard, goes through considerations for both companies and agencies to facilitate working together on SEO.

What to consider when sourcing an agency

There are many challenges to working with agencies. One challenge when working with large organisations is simply coordinating everyone so they are on the same page. We want to avoid internal cannibalism!

Advice for agencies

It’s important that you form a relationship with someone inside the company you want to work for. Having an internal champion is really vital.

Advice for companies

Meet the SEO in person to help narrow it down. Also, talk to people within the industry to find out who is using who. Compile a list of agencies you are interested in, then interview them to figure out who best fits your company. You really need an in-house person here to verify the agencies knowledge.

Is it better to be a big or small agency?

Is a big agency going to have lower quality of work? And will a small company be able to cope with the demands you place on them? One issue is high-quality, small agencies growing too fast. This can lower the quality of their work. However, a small agency can work with a big brand, but should preferably have a small team always accessible to the brand.