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If you’re looking to hire an SEO or are an SEO looking for work, here are a couple of questions to ask or expect to answer in an interview.

General Knowledge

Ask these type of questions even in a phone interview to find out if the person is

comfortable and capable.

  • What’s a rel=canonical? What does it do and how does it work?

  • How do search engines treat the meta refresh?

  • What’s an image title versus an alt attribute?

Strategy and Tactics

Ask these questions to gain an insight into the interviewee’s thought processes and vice versa. If they miss a few General Knowledge questions, don’t worry – knowledge can be learned. These questions focused on strategies are more important for understanding.

  • How would you create a site to rank “keyword”?

  • What are some of your favourite scalable link building tactics?

  • How would you get video content into Google?

Tools and Metrics

Get a sense of an SEO’s depth and how they think about problems. An SEO needs to know the tools they use, as well as how to evaluate them.

  • What data would you use to judge the value of a link?

  • How do you measure social activity on a site?

  • Do you just track tweets? Do you have some sort of analytics tracking?

If you’re an SEO and can’t answer all these questions in depth, you may want to do some research and spend some time thinking about them. If you’re the employer, amass a set of these type of questions and know what type of answer to look for – ones that show critical thinking and creativity.