Video Details

First impressions

  • Look at it from a user’s perspective


  • Turn off javascript, cookies and CSS to see what the spiders see

  • Check Robots.txt

  • Use SEOMoz’s crawl test tool

  • Browse as GoogleBot

Google health check

  • Site search on the domain and check all the pages are there

  • Brand searches

  • Check Google cache

Duplicate content

  • Search some content strings

  • Check non-www versus www

  • Check all domains


  • Only 1 URL per page

  • Clean/short/descriptive/keyword rich

Title tags

  • Unique title tags

  • Descriptive and quality

Content review

  • Is there enough content on your page?

  • Header tags – is the content separated correctly?

Meta tags

  • Check for stuffing

  • Meta description

  • Robots


  • Live HTTP headers – this tool lets you check all the sites headers

  • Check everything

Internal linking

  • Number of links

  • Anchor text

  • Check Nofollow


  • IP Location

  • Local address

  • Google local

  • SEOMoz tool

External linking

  • Anchor text

  • Deep linking

  • Look natural

  • Paid links

Semantic HTML

  • Bulky pages

  • Missing alt text

  • Poorly formatted  code