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Sitewide links

  • Every or about 90% of pages on another site links to your site.

  • Not necessarily bad, though there was a lot of abuse of this method in the early 2000’s.

  • It’s fine if the sitewide links are natural relationships – for example, sitewide links to Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Reciprocal links

  • Reciprocal links – another site links to yours, and you link back to them.

  • These type of links are almost always fine, and usually positive.

  • They become problematic when you engage in manipulative tactics, and there is a high proportion of 1-to-1 links.

Directory links

  • There are many types of directories on a scale of good to bad. Local directories are good, as are topical niches. Generic, pay for listing and low editorial controls are signals of bad directories.