Video Details


  • Bing have integrated with Facebook, so that now when you search, you will see which of your friends and other Facebook users have shared something.

  • While the social annotations may affect your personal decision, they are not being used in the ranking algorithm.

Schema Markup

  • Now, you can add rich metadata to on-page content to tell the engines what the content is about, similar to microformats or RDFa.

  • All three major engines are onboard with this new protocol

  • For example, if you have a video, you can put a description in the rich snippet tag. Then, when the crawler goes through, they can understand from your description what the video is about as they don’t watch the actual video.

Honey Badger

  • This update is only for Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • The new Index Explorer shows you basically everything Bing knows about your site in one module. Everything is exportable.

  • The Webmaster Tools pull data from Bing’s search core.

  • You can also set when you want to be crawled, and set permissions. Some may need just reports,