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The pogo-stick problem is when you are getting traffic to your website, but then for whatever reason, users are returning to the search results and clicking on other results. Google picks up on this and takes it as an indicator that users are dissatisfied with your result for their search query and it can affect your ranking.


  • Look at it from the searcher’s point of view. This may go beyond thinking from your customer’s point of view. You want all traffic staying on and engaging with your site SEO wise, even if they aren’t likely to convert.

Tip: If you’re having difficulty with this, do a small survey asking people what they’d expect when they come to a certain website. This should give you an idea of the broader ‘searcher’s’ needs rather than just your customer’s.

  • Improve design and UX so it’s enjoyable for people to use.

Tip: Check out for talented designers

  • Load speed and device support – make sure you have mobile and ipad friendly sites

Tip: check out for tools to increase page load speed