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Dana Lookadoo shares the 10 best practices for sharing your social content after publishing it in this week’s Whiteboard Friday.

10 best practices for rocking your social content

  • Open Graph Protocol: Title, description, image, type and URL – these first four practices are essential. Titles should be no more than 80 characters, and the meta description no more than 188. An image is best at 150×150, though the minimum is 120×120. Be careful with the image, as if it is too small, Google+ will pull another image that could be an advertisement. The type is default, and the URL is your permalink.

  • UTM Variables – Start with your source, then medium, then the campaign. For example, . This is your social referral data.

  • Share Blurb for Facebook and Google+ – this is from the status update section, and can become a SERP, so use some SEO like frontloading keywords.

  • Hashtags – Don’t use these on Facebook, it’s not Twitter. As you enter the description on Twitter, you can type # followed by a letter. Autocomplete will show up, and show you the latest trends.

  • Twitter/Retweetable – To create a retweetable Tweet, do your campaign variables first, then create your short URL. The entire thing should be 140 – 5 – the length of your profile.

  • Document and track everything.