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Subject Matter Experts (SME) can be vital in creating unique and valuable content for your marketing strategy. As Eric Enge puts it in this Whiteboard Friday- have an expert, or go home.

However, experts are no use if you can’t leverage their expertise within a team and assist them to effectively communicate their knowledge.

The following are suggestions of how people supporting your SME can help to get the most out of the SME:

  • Research article topics
  • Find influencers – identify who you want the SME to interact with
  • Monitor Social Media sites for things to which SME could respond or answer
  • Draft posts
  • Curate content
  • Create graphics to assist the SME’s posts
  • Edit articles

These options may or may not be valuable depending on the particular SME. It’s crucial that the SME has a good working relationship with the people/person assisting them so they can best compensate the SME’s weaknesses and satisfy the SME’s needs.