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In this Whiteboard Friday Rand talks of something familiar to all SEOs – the SEO ‘slog’. The SEO slog is when client and team expectations are initially way above realistic short term returns on effort.

The slog is usually the results from people thinking hiring an SEO is like a magic wand for their rankings and traffic, however, industry insiders of course know that this is not the case. SEO is a long term strategy with results that should improve after months of consistent effort.

Rand suggests these strategies to survive the ‘slog’ of those first few months when your client or boss isn’t seeing the returns of the efforts you’re putting in:

  1. Be honest with your client that SEO is not an instant or one time process and that results will take time.
  2. Make sure that even when you are seeing success with your SEO campaign that you don’t celebrate too much until you see it is long term growth. Also have a plan if the growth is not sustained and continue to be conservative with spending in case things don’t continue to go to plan.
  3. Have a diverse range of inbound marketing channels that go beyond SEO. This could include paid advertising, social, content, email, PR and offline marketing by speaking at events etc.
  4. Report on ‘leading indicators’ which are signals that correlate with SEO performance and can be useful in predicting a site’s future performance. This could include link signals, social signals, and page engagement.