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Connecting to Customers/Audience at an Earlier Stage of the Buying Process

Rand reinvents the buying process we are all too familiar with and introduces an earlier stage where we can potentially capitalize on and connect with our target audience or customers even sooner.

Reinvented Buying Process

  • Pursuit of interests – this is new and is the potential for connection.

Questions you might want answers to:

      • Where do your customers/audience spend time online?
      • What do they do on the net?
      • What do they listen to?
  • Awareness – Our pursuits take to an awareness.

Question you might want answers to:

      • What are they asking about in relation to your product or brand?
  • Research – Since we are aware we do some research.

Question you might want answers to:

      • How would someone discover potential answers or solutions?
      • What broad resources are out there now?
  • Criteria – This research creates a criteria we follow.
  • Vendors – The criterial allows us to choose the right vendor.
  • Convert – We buy.

Connecting might be too late when your efforts are directed at the Criteria, Vendors and Convert stage because it is harder due to the enormous competition at this stage of the game.

Benefits of Connecting Early

  • Competition is lesser
  • Link opportunities are better and expansive
  • Offer to a larger audience and build community

Hurdles to Connecting Early

  • Measuring success is difficult
  • Low conversion rates
  • Hard sell to managers

Look up that buying process funnel and make some efforts there.