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It appears to Danny that now, many of the tactics that have been used in the past to optimise traditional SEO are helping with local SEO.

Local: Behind the scenes

The pyramid of importance of tactics for local SEO is as follows:

  • Social at the top

  • Links

  • Keyword research and targeting

  • Accessibility and content at the bottom

Local – specific features

  • Search engine page – different to a company website.

  • Local directory submission – not spammy, manipulative directories, but one like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Tripadvisor.

  • Links – Google sees links as a vote, so they put a lot of importance on it.

  • Address – check it is correct.

  • Categories – some directories give you the option of providing categories that your business fits into.

  • Reviews – this is a good way to increase click through rates, though it is probably more for human users than search engines.

Other metrics worth considering

  • Title (business name) – try to include what the business does, though it won’t 100% help.

  • Photos – show Google you are a legitimate business by taking the time to upload photos.

  • Social – though social isn’t affecting local yet, it probably will going forward.