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Metrics that Matter

Cyrus reports on the somber reality of keyword rankings and the dawn of a new age of better metrics to report.

KW Ranking Deficiencies

  • Data misses on 50-80% of traffic and long tails (what is the big picture)
  • SERP features can muddle KW data
  • Hummingbird changes the actual query and fails to reflect actual KW data

Better Metric Categories to Report

  • Keyword Index – many SEO tools have them, captures long tails and tracks 1 group of related KWs. Provides a limited picture of a single block of KWs but with more relevant and accurate data.
  • Reach – standard organic traffic combined with referral traffic and social traffic. The bigger picture details the efforts that are important to the client.
  • Endorsements – links, mentions, local citations, press mentions and social authority. Equally valuable and related to reach but more importantly creates a Feedback loop for SEOs.
  • KPI – business objectives and goals like conversions and assisted conversions. These detail how your efforts are going in relation to the big picture.

10 Statistics or Metrics to Start Reporting On

  1. Rank Indexes
  2. Organic Traffic
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Social Traffic
  5. Total Traffic
  6. Classic Links
  7. Mentions
  8. Press
  9. Social
  10. Business Objectives