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Early on in the web, SEO was about earning links to bring relevant traffic. Then it became high page ranks to get traffic. After this, Google introduced anchor text, and then anchor text with authority links. Now it is returning to earning those links. Now, acquired links can even hurt.

Link Building tactics vs the New Link Earning tactics

  • Link exchanges/reciprocal links => Cross promotion and partnership
  • Email blasts for links=> Social sharing that leads to links
  • Buying links directly => Earn links directly with content
  • Submit to directories => Request inclusion on curated lists/portals
  • Article directories and article marketing => Get a guest post on “picky” sites and blogs
  • Leaving links on guest blogs, forums etc => Participating in active communities in a way that you’ll be noticed and linked to. This must be authentic.
  • Mining competitors backlinks =>Mining competitive content, and make yours better
  • Building a network of sites for links => Building a social network of influencers