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When businesses set out to undertake content marketing, many have the misconception that  if promoted properly through social media and other forums, this will automatically translate into conversions. However, this is very rarely the case. Instead, this process is often undertaken many times until a piece of content gets traction, and when it does, it often leads to positive brand association and awareness rather than instant conversions.

Based on this misconception those that undertake content marketing often make these mistakes:

  1. Fail to allocate adequate time and resources to see the benefits of content marketing
  2. Give up on content marketing too early by not making consistent and repeated efforts
  3. Don’t consider the SEO benefits of content marketing, including personalised search results – Google is more likely to rank you for someone who’s interacted with your site previously
  4. Accurately compare the possible ROI on content marketing investments to other forms of marketing – this often has a pendulum like swing between optimistic and pessimistic forecasts for the performance of content due partly to the serendipitous nature and tracking difficulty of returns from this sort of marketing.
  5. Accurately attribute conversions and assistance to conversions – this is again difficult as positive brand interactions that could influence a conversion are almost impossible to track.