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There are a lot of CRO metrics that you already know about, so Rand skips them in this Whiteboard Friday. There are however, other hidden factors and inputs that affect your CRO, and these can usually be addressed through two questions.

Does the product/service meet my users needs?

  • Uptime/reliability – if the site is slow and inconsistent, it will reduce the trust of the user.

  • Pricing – a product can be great, but if the pricing is way off for the visitors, they won’t buy it. Transparency is key.

  • Features and the perception of features – does the brand and site do what the users want it to?

  • Presentation – how all the above aspects are designed and presented is incredibly important. It can influence the trust of the user remarkably.

Do I trust/like the brand/people?

  • Design and UX – higher quality and consistent with what the users are looking for is great.

  • Domain name/Brand name – using an exact match domain name makes it incredibly difficult to build up a brand, and due to earlier abuse of this tactic, many consumers have a negative association with exact match domain names.

  • Accessibility of contact information – let visitors know there is are humans behind the site, it looks suspicious if it’s difficult to find.

  • Authenticity of content – stay consistent and authentic to the brand in what you offer.

  • Industry reputation (word of mouth) – this is the stuff you won’t find on the internet. If people hear from a source they trust bad things about a company, it will likely affect you CRO.

  • Familiarity and social proof – using a brand that is already trusted, like Facebook, to endorse yours creates familiarity and social proof; users will feel more comfortable.