Video Details

Phil Nottingham goes over the different options for producing video content for all different scenarios and investment levels.


If you’re willing to invest in a camera, some lights and a microphone, the following videos can be produced in-house.

Product Videos – go over the features of a product on the video. Only put these on your web page, not youtube, vimeo etc. so viewers are more likely to convert.

Tutorials and How-to’s – these can build up your following on Youtube. They should be information focussed, not selling focussed. This will make your information and advice seem more credible.

Thought Leadership – videos like Moz’s Whiteboard Friday which discuss ideas. This can establish you as an expert within your industry and is good for branding.

Video News Release – this helps get the attention of editors over a text news release. These are done similarly to thought leadership videos, but with more of a focus on the ‘hook’ of what makes it newsworthy.

Production Company

If you’re willing to make the investment you can get really high quality and engaging video content.

Creative Stories – ‘viral video’ these can be useful in drawing attention to your business

Link Bait – provide unique value to a particular audience to earn links.

Ads for Content – rather than TV ads, ads that are good for youtube. These should be for softer free products like blogs or email subscriptions, to attract potential customers to your community or raise brand awareness, rather than a hard product sell.

No Budget

Vine/Instagram Video – this costs you nothing and if you are creative with it, could pay off.

Google+ Hangout on air – you can do ‘thought leadership’ through this medium with only having a computer, microphone and webcam.